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Ain't Misbehavin' (1936) All Of Me (1940) Belleville (1942) Billets Doux (1938) Bouncin' Around (1937) Daphne (1938) Dark Eyes (1941) Dark Eyes (1947) Dinette (1941) Djangology (1936) Django's Tiger (1946) Exactly Like You (1937) Exactly Like You (1940) Honeysuckle Rose (1938) I'll See You In My Dreams (1939) Minor Swing (1937) Montaigne St. Genevieve (arrangement) My Melancholy Baby (1939) Nuages (1940) Rose Room (1937) Sweet Chorus (1936) Swing 41 (1941) Swing Guitars (1937) Undecided (1939) When Day Is Done (1941)
Django Reinhardt Solos Book (Compilation)

Django Reinhardt Solos Book



A compilation of 26 fundamental Django Reinhardt solos, with an analysis of melodic and harmonic concepts. More than 120 pages of complete solos with identified licks that will make you understand Django Reinhardt's music like never before.

Now you can learn your favorite Django Reinhardt solos in a methodic, organized, and clear format. Easy-to-read music scores and tabs that enhance music understanding and memory retention. Play the best Django Reinhardt solos, or isolate your favorite licks and ideas to apply them in any rhythm changes, blues, Django tunes, and jazz progressions.

ATTENTION PLEASE! This is not just another Django Reinhardt transcription book. This is the ultimate and most fundamental guide to understanding and playing like the master.