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The Gypsy Jazz Workshops are monthly guitar classes hosted by Nuno Marinho.

On Saturdays, students from all over the world gather to learn the secrets of Gypsy Jazz and the music of Django Reinhardt.

The Gypsy Jazz Workshops are Live Sessions. 120 minutes with Q&A.

Get the tools you need to practice effectively. Work Your Way To Excellence.

Nuno Marinho is an experienced musician and teacher. Well known for his ability to communicate with ease even the most complex musical concepts.
Organized, methodic, practical and objective. Nuno has taught hundreds of students worldwide.

If you’re into learning music the right way, with a supportive community, and personalized guidance, this is for you. 

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What You Will Learn

  • Django Reinhardt’s Soloing Concepts
  • Song Analysis
  • Jazz Theory and Harmony
  • Dynamics and Expression
  • Technique and building speed
  • Improvising over chord progressions
  • Understanding the Fingerboard
  • Comping Styles
  • Melody Chords and Block Chords
  • Chord Substitutions
  • Voicings & Inversions
  • Tritones & Superimposed Triads
  • Harmonization for soloing and comping
  • Scales & Arpeggios and much more!

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“Nuno, you are a Master! It’s been a long time since I’ve learned so much.”

(Tiago Fernandes, Scientific Researcher)


“There’s so much information and great ideas in each session. You explain the theory in a really practical way. It enables me to visualize and apply it in real-time, instead of an abstract mathematical exercise. No other teacher has done this for me.”

(David Williams, Doctor)


“Thanks for the wonderful session today. Lots of amazing ideas and inspirations. Can’t wait to dig in. You’re a brilliant musician and teacher”

(Tim Rutter, Musician)


“Today’s workshop has opened a door to another level of playing for me. It will keep me with practice topics for months. Thanks for putting it together.”

(Andy Clark, CEO)


“Thanks again Nuno. You’re filling in a lot of blank spaces in my playing, for sure.”

(Mitchell Yater, Start-Up Owner)


“Sensational workshop! Your exposition of subjects is very good, and the provided examples are excellent.”

(João Café, Frontend Developer)