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The “PM Group” and “PM Trio” Tribute Bands were born in 2013, after several years of playing and transcribing Pat Metheny’s solos. After numerous concerts, classes and the production and editing of a documentary about his life and work, I gathered the indispensable tools for all of those who want to play the songs, learn the solos or improvise in this style.

Some of the songs played over the years include Bright Size Life, James, So May It’s Secretly Begin, Last Train Home, Spring Is not Here, Travels, Lone Jack, Phase Dance, Goodbye, Last Train Home, Song For Bilbao, And Then I Knew, Are You Going With Me and so many others.

You will work on Pat Metheny’s Trio and Group repertoire. Chronologically and emphasizing the most important stages of his carrer, this is a “must have” course for a true fan.



  • Harmonic Concepts
  • Composition Style
  • Improvisation Style
  • Idiomatic Phrasing and Soloing
  • Side Stepping
  • Sound and Timbre
  • Pedals and Effects
  • Melodic Phrasing
  • Rhythmic feel
  • Articulation
  • Technique
  • Double Picking
  • Playing Thirds
  • Open Triads



  • 8 Lessons Pack (8×60 minutes): € 200
  • Two 3 hours Workshop: € 75/person
  • Bring your friends for improved group interaction
  • In-person or Online Sessions
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