How To Unlock Dharma

24 - Dharma

What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here? What is our purpose?

Dharma means the right way of living, the path of righteousness.

Since each and every one of us has specific natural abilities, talents and forms of expression we should focus on let that path be revealed by our thoughts, words and actions.

In order to fulfil our life’s purpose one must, firstly, understand the inner self. What are your strengths, your talents and your competences? How do you operate inwardly? What are your thoughts and emotions made of? What are you thinking? What’s your view of the world? How do you interpret things? How do you act? What do you desire? Who are you?

Secondly, one must understand in what ways are those talents being expressed. What is your contribution? How do you express yourself? What do you do?

Lastly, one must manifest their dimensions towards service. How can you help? What can you offer to your community? What is your gift to others?

To be fully connected to your inner Self you must ask the right question. “What can I give? How can I contribute?” Rather then “what can I take for myself.”

The path of righteousness is quite simple to reveal but a life long to achieve:

1 – Find your Higher Self through Self-Knowledge, Self-Practice and Self-Mastery.

2 – Find your natural talents. Find what comes easy for you instead of what you struggle to be or achieve.

3 – Find ways how you can be the most serviceable and helpful person on your craft.

Before you play an instrument you must fine-tune it, right? So, before you go out to the world showing the best of your potential, be sure you are in tune with yourself, your talents and your society. This can be the simplest but best and more effective way to achieve success and happiness. Give it a try!

Are you starting to feel inner Peace? Great, now go out there and be present! Class dismissed 🙂

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