Maximizing Performance

Maximizing Performance


What You Will Learn

  • The most effective learning process
  • Accelerate and consolidate learning
  • All about Genius and Natural Talent
  • The concept “Deep Practice”
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Masters: what do they do differently?
  • How to deal with Procrastination?
  • Olympic athletes training strategies
  • Short Term Vs. Long Term Results
  • Dealing with errors and weaknesses
  • Mental resilience and confidence
  • The importance of taking a Break
  • Building a Personal Workout Routine

The Background

Since 2013 I’ve been researching the most effective learning and practice methods, with the Victorian College Of Arts in Melbourne and the most prestigious sports psychologist, and coaches in the States, such as Don Green and Noa Kageyama.

The Benefits

This Zen-like approach to mental, creative and technical aspects of Improvised Music are fundamental in order to develop a personal musical language or mastering the phrasing of your favorite artists.

The Tools

Multiple fields of knowledge are cross-referenced for the ultimate learning experience: Music, Jazz, Creativity, Meditation, Mindfulness, Psychology, Yoga, Pilates and Top Performers Workout.