Guitar Classes

Guitar Classes

Here you’ll find a variety of programs and must-know resources to achieve your goals. Failing to plan is Planning to fail”. Focus on your favorite or most challenging topics and set an amount of time to own them. Step by step, push the envelope and work your way to excellence.

Gypsy Jazz

Learn to play Django Reinhardt’s music. Develop your comping technique with La Pompe, play Licks or Solos from the Master, and create your own style of playing this genre.

Furthermore, you can develop your playing learning the style and phrasing of Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg, Adrien Moignard, Andreas Oberg, Gonzalo Bergara, Robin Nolan and others.

Pop Rock

If you’re looking to learn some Pop Rock songs, or Reggae, Ska, Funk and the like, I have the perfect method for you. The Music Book “Rhythm Guitar Fundamentals – Vol 1” has +120 songs from a variety of genres. You’ll be challenged to build your repertoire by increasing the difficulty level of the rhythmic patterns, and being stimulated to try improvising over the progressions or learn the original solo

Music Theory

Visual and aural understanding of songs opens harmonic and melodic possibilities for improvising Jazz. Using Standards progressions build creative and unexpected options for rhythm playing and soloing.

Pat Metheny

After several years playing Pat Metheny’s music and transcribing his Solos, the Tribute Band for the “PM Group” and “PM Trio” were born in the year 2013. If you’d like to play Metheny’s songs, solos or improvise like Pat, you’ve come to the right place