Classes & workshops



     What you will get:

  • A proven method for better learning, practising and performing
  • Melodic interpretation and variation
  • Comping, accents and dynamics
  • Soloing, improvising and creating new licks and creative ideas
  • Building a repertoire
  • Understanding your idols idiosyncrasies
  • Developing your personal phrasing and sound
  • Surpass lack of motivation, procrastination or a feeling of stagnancy
  • How to play with other musicians
  • Participate in jam sessions and meet likewise people to play with

     All Classes are advised to:

  • Gypsy Jazz, Swing, Bossa Nova, Blues, Funk and Jazz lovers
  • Instrumentalist and Singers looking for the proper tools to progress
  • Jazz Harmony and Theory enthusiasts
  • Students looking for a professional pedagogue to steer your progress
  • Adults who want to be a part of a community
  • Everyone who wants to play with other musicians
  • Guitar lovers who want another chance on using their Guitar Collection
  • People looking for how to learn better and faster

     Classes are NOT advised to:

  • Internet tourists looking for every kind of free material online
  • Death Metal fans and head bangers!
  • Parents who would like their kids to learn any instrument
  • Prejudiced musicians and jazz purists


Gypsy Jazz

Learn to play Django Reinhardt’s music. Develop your comping technique with La Pompe, play Licks or Solos from the Master, and create your own style of playing this genre.

Furthermore, you can develop your playing learning the style and phrasing of Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg, Adrien Moignard, Andreas Oberg, Gonzalo Bergara, Robin Nolan and others.

What You Will Learn


  • La Pompe
  • Right Hand Comping
  • Swing, Bossa and Bolero Comping
  • Chords, Voicings and Inversions
  • Manouche and Sinti Fingerings
  • Scales and Arpeggios
  • The Repertoire 


  • Solos & Licks from the Masters
  • Building Speed
  • Dynamics
  • Improvisation
  • How to develop Creative Ideas
  • Picking Patterns
  • Rest Stroke
  • Down Up Down, Double Down
  • Comping Accents & Tremolando
  • Chord Progressions
  • Diatonic and Tritonic Substitutions
  • Super Imposed Harmonies


Pop, Rock & Beyond

If you’re looking to learn some Pop Rock songs, or Reggae, Ska, Funk and the like, I have the perfect method for you. The Music Book “Rhythm Guitar Fundamentals – Vol 1” has +120 songs from a variety of genres. You’ll be challenged to build your repertoire by increasing the difficulty level of the rhythmic patterns, and being stimulated to try improvising over the progressions or learn the original solo

What You Will Learn

  • Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Pink Floyd
  • Queen
  • Jason Mraz
  • Jamiroquai
  • Audio Slave
  • Nirvana
  • Guns N’ Roses
  • Jeff Buckley
  • Adele
  • Maroon 5
  • James
  • Extreme
  • James Morison
  • Beatles
  • Pearl Jam
  • Cesária Évora
  • Bob Marley and many more…


Harmony & Theory

Visual and aural understanding of songs opens harmonic and melodic possibilities for improvising Jazz. Using Standards progressions build creative and unexpected options for rhythm playing and soloing.

What You Will Learn

  • Analysis of chord progressions
  • Relationship between chords
  • Tension and Resolution
  • II V I (major and minor)
  • Melody Chords
  • Walking Bass
  • Comping
  • Developing Harmonic Concepts
  • Generating New Ideas
  • Diatonic Substitutions
  • Tritonic substitutions
  • Harmonization for Rhythm Guitar
  • Using Harmonization on Solos
  • Superimposed Harmonies
  • Playing Outside the Chord Changes


Pat Metheny

After several years playing Pat Metheny’s music and transcribing his Solos, the Tribute Band for the “PM Group” and “PM Trio” were born in the year 2013. If you’d like to play Metheny’s songs, solos or improvise like Pat, you’ve come to the right place


Some of the songs covered through the years include Bright Size Life, James, So May It Secretly Begin, Last Train Home, Spring Ain’t Here, Travels, Lone Jack, Phase Dance, Goodbye, Last Train Home, Song For Bilbao, And Then I Knew, Are You Going With Me and many others

What You Will Learn

  • Melodic Phrasing
  • Rhythmic feel
  • Articulation
  • Technique
  • Double Picking
  • Playing Thirds
  • Open Triads
  • Harmonic Concepts
  • Composing like Pat
  • Analysis of the Repertoire
  • Repertoire (from different phases)
  • Sound and Timbre
  • Side Stepping
  • Idiomatic Licks and Solos
  • PM Trio Repertoire
  • PM Group Repertoire
  • Development through the years
  • Pedals and Effects
  • Improvising in the style of PM



What students say:

“I started weekly guitar lessons with Nuno about a year ago and I recommend him without hesitation!

Besides being an amazing musician, he is an excellent guitar teacher, with whom I learn the theory and improve my technique. 5 stars!”



“I was looking for a Jazz Guitar teacher in Lisbon and some people advised me to call Nuno. What a good choice I made.

Nuno is an excellent musician and a very good person. He makes me improve at my own pace, thoroughly and patiently explaining me the music and the theory. I really progressed a lot with him.

He’s always in a good mood and has lots of advices to improve. He is never late and he is reachable to talk outside classes. I am very happy to meet Nuno and to start building a friendship with him. My advice, just contact him blindly and take care of him because you wont find such a good teacher.”


Scuba Diver, PADI

“Nuno Marinho is an experienced and well known teacher, a natural leader who shares his knowledge with his peers and students.

Also, he is one of the most innovative pedagogues in musical teaching methods. He has a pro active roll in developing workshops and maximizing performance.”


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