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Playing Gypsy Jazz requires the use of different tools that are common in other styles. The correct and gradual choice of harmonic progressions makes learning faster and more durable.

In this 4 lessons Pack we will recognize common elements over different Django Reinhardt’s songs, and a step-by-step progressive approach to harmonic progressions.

Recognizing Structure, Modulations and Harmonic Variations makes it more efficient to memorize and play multiple Django Reinhardt songs in a short time.



  • The Repertory
  • Chords, Voicings and Inversions
  • Harmonic Progressions
  • Blues and Rhythm Changes
  • Major and Minor Keys
  • Alternate Chords Progressions
  • The Ballads
  • Medium Tempos
  • Fast Tempos: Run Forrest, RUN!



  • 4 Lessons Pack (4×60 minutes): € 100
  • One 3 hours Workshop: € 50/person
  • Bring your friends for improved group interaction
  • In-person or Online Sessions
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